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Cargo Hoist attachment Rework/Update needed

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Can we add a Cargo Hoist attachment to the Dock/Dry Dock player built Docks, so that way we can Drop off my Cargo load/Pods at the Dock and Turn and burn back to my Resupply point and my Company member can use the cargo I just dropped off this would help flush out the economy aspect of the game and help the quality of life for Players


Salvage cargo attachment can we add another craft able attachment called the Salvage Rack something that will Drop to the bottom of the ocean  and we can use in my Dive Suit to salvage my lost Ships and help with being overloaded and the glitchie ladders on the Ships  and hoist it back to my Ship and drop the salvage cargo back at my player built dock that has a Couple of Cargo Hoist attachments  we can assess from land

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