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Anyone have a fool proof parrot taming strategy?

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Right tactic, wrong structure.

Piracy Tree -> Wooden Cage ... mobile parrot taming trap that you can pick up and put down everytime you find a new parrot.

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I find using the cage can be problematic at times. Sometimes the birds just pop right through the cage.

For parrots, what I found worked was to just whack them with the spyglass and walk backwards, hitting them every time they come back around. Switch to a bola when they’re low and then feed them hardtack.

Wearing hide armour and drinking rum, they do only 1 point of damage.

If you’ve got the tier 3 taming proficiency and the whale buff, on a 2x taming weekend or using the hard accordion music buff you can easily get a level 30 in a single bola.

Just carry a flintlock around to kill the ones you don’t want for respawns.

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