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NA servers down?

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Lets hope it's just a network issue...because if that's the case then guess what...the servers are still up and npc ships and shit will still be out sinking anyone sailing....super good stuff.

Just now, Cooldog36 said:

I did also about 20min ago doubt it will.

It Won't

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1 minute ago, john sellers said:

I posted a ticket not sure if it will help.

It wont. They will notice when they get back from brunch and see the dozens of messages and @s in discord. Nothing anyone outside of the Wildcard company does will ever "Help" them because for the most part they ignore us. 

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Why is it so hard for them to simply reply on this forum but I'm sure I can instantly get a ban if I say the wrong thing though.

it's backwards your customer support is non existent and your "people" skills are severely lacking

1 hour ago, Sergey said:

Current situation

I'm on m15 so I'm sweet ūü§ď

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heres why im hella pissed off about it. Most every single restart theres atleast a 5-15 min rollback. not only did this one come without warning for more than an hour and 20 min, there was no such rollback when the servers were booted back up. I was out sailing/lvling my lvl 43 masterwork brig in a golden age ruins grid when the servers randomly came down. came back to a sank ship from ships of the damned, the moment the servers came back online. I was on the discord waiting for an update and praying these devs had some common sense to issue a rollback after the more than an hour long server failure. But alas, the new lead designer was not equipped to manage the servers in an orderly fashion to minimise the server downtime and bring the servers back up with the least amount of loss of player assets... but atleast he's more than willing to use his banhammer on people complaining.... awesome.  and here is how shit turned out.


VooDooToday at 12:49 PM

It's 5 am for Dollie, so I imagine she's asleep and Jat is out today, so you're all stuck with me n my banhammer. So keep calm in the meantime.

these were their updates.


VooDooToday at 1:53 PM

We've identified one issue with the servers (which should be back up for everyone now). Our engineers are still investigating.


EvzaToday at 2:03 PM

we should be all good now guys, sorry for the inconvenience


EvzaToday at 2:19 PM

any rollbacks you've experienced have likely just been due to when the server had last saved (if the servers actually crashed), since the autosaves are like every 15 minutes or so


1, okay great, they figured out the issue with THEIR server code that the community brought to their attention... (this is where i log on to find out they did not listen to everyone saying "ROLLBACK PLZ")
2. this is where the "wtf no roll backs" "omg my ship is sunk" flood the chat. 
3. this is where they said they never purposefully rollback the servers after a restart. this is also where i mentioned the early days of when SoD's were shooting cannon balls like a machine gun which earned a 40 min rollback... or that one time where a hacker stole an admin account and was dropping tanks n planes out the sky which earned a 2 hour rollback... no reply after that. almost total lack of respect for their community.

They'll roll back a whole cluster because of one hacker mishap that happened on a single server but they wont roll back for their own fuck up that caused people in every server to suffer. Fuckin garbage. 

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