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pvp FRESH WIPED (10/2/20) 25x! 3x3 Map! ALL POWERSTONES! QUESTS! x150 BOAT LEVELS!

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Server Name:

T6ix [25x][Insta Tame][Boosted][Power Stones]

Map Size: 3x3



  • 25x Harvesting
  • 25x Experience Gain
  • 250x Taming
  • 25x Breeding

Other Server Information:

  • ALL Boss islands available
  • Max Player level 150
  • Max Ship level 150
  • Plenty of room for expansion
  • Combat phase 6 hours


  • No Racism, sexism, religion or political talk.
  • No exploiting of any kind.
  • No "Fat Sinking" enemy boats, until we have the option to adjust ship weights, this will get you banned if caught intentionally doing this.
  • Do not argue/verbally attack admins and staff.
  • You can activate "Ally only offenses" on your claim BUT you must make sure anyone can build regular structures on the island.
  • No claiming Freeports.
  • No excessive spam.
  • No impersonating Team 6ix Gaming staff or owners.
  • No trolling the Freeports.
  • No base building on the Isle of the Golden Age, beds and small structures are fine but NO bases because it causes the server to lag out.
  • Use common sense, if this is to difficult, you likely won't be around long. 

The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to visit our Discord!


You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our Discord! 


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