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Again, we MUST talk about player movements/speed

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It's utterly awful. The players run around and comical hyper-sonic speeds, ascending up inclines without a speed penalty at laughably ridiculous speeds, changing direction instantly without a speed penalty jumping like a fully leveled Oblivion character training for the Olypmics...

Player movements kill any sort of fun PVP aspect. This should have been a priority after launch. Coming back nearly a year later to find that the movement speed seems to have almost increased from its already ludicrous level.

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Incorrect. Somewhere between the 2 extremes, there's a better solution. That's a term called "balance". Rust has conquered this in regards to player movement speeds/ jump distance and equipment movement penalties. 

Reduce current player movement speeds and jump distance by at least 50%. Then tack on movement penalties for equipment. I mean,  naked players run faster than many tames. I've never played a game in 2 decades where player movement was this fast, besides sonic the hedgehog. 

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