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xbox and pc unable to access non dedicated server (and other issues)

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Ok here is the issue:

If you host a non dedicated server (the single player map) on the pc it can not be found on the xbox. If you host a non dedicated server on the xbox it can not be found on the pc.
In the end we had to use two xbox's to play. However we were unable to access any ini files to make changes not shown in the UI (the UI options are disastrous on the xbox too! lots of references to ark lol)
We also had an issue on the xbox where if you went in different directions you got a notification that you were too far from the other player....this resulted in me pulling my mate with an invisible tether into the ocean before I could stop my ship..... good news for the shark that was swimming there...bad news for my friend lol

So my questions:

1) how do I host a non dedicated or dedicated version of the single player "ocean" map on my pc for the xbox to join (ideally playing on pc too....I love my xbox but it looks way better on the pc) or How do I join an xbox hosted one on the pc?
2) If forced to use the xbox to host how do I edit the more advanced settings? (this may be more of another thread issue)

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