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NPC pirate ships immortal?

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NPC pirate ships are horrible unbalanced.

i am playing solo/host non dedicated with my wife on Xbox. We build a War brig. We can battle and defeat ships of the Damned, at one point up to six at the time. We won. Our ship needed some repairs but nothing too serious.

Then we decided to take on a single level 2 NPC Schooner at the pirate base. Omg we literally did nada damage to it. After 15 min fight and 120 cannon balls later we had to retreat, because our ship was so damaged. And NPC still had like 95% health left. And we hit most of the time.

I seriously hope they are not supposed to be that OP. This was only a level 2 schooner. I don’t even wanna think about if we encounter a brig or galleon.

So we will definitely not be raiding NPC pirate ships if this is a thing. There is no point. Only suicide.

Anyway just thought you should know.

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Yeh this happened to me, but I went back the next day and battled them again. It took  over 200 cannonballs, ballista bolts and just about anything I could fire to beat him. But then I defeated the final camp and when I went to claim, it said there was still a ship to kill, and there was another one! The amount you get for the effort on WPE just isn't worth it. I've turned them off now.

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