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Bug: Wild Pirate Camp Pirates on Cannon's or turrets don't take damage

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  • Network: Single Player/Non-Dedicaed Host
  • Grid: All with Wild Pirate Camps
  • Description of issue: The pirates that are "mounted" on the cannons and other turret guns (pukkel, balista, etc.) don't take damage from ranged weapons. If shot by a gun or bow or hit by thrown spear it shows blood to register a hit but doesn't show damage numbers, nor does their life go down. Only when hit with a melee attack (by sword, spear slash, etc.) do they get off their spot and you can kill them.
  • Repro steps if available/applicable: Just go to a wild pirate camp with turrets.
  • CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): Doesn't work on single player, but just go to any wild pirate camp, I haven't found exceptions yet.

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This is by far the most annoying thing I’ve found so far. That and the fact that almost every time I’ve done a wild pirate camp there is a pirate in a house that needs to be destroyed. At first n I used grenades only for it to reset back to full health. Then I made a motor cannon, same result. Had to make a large cannon to inflict enough damage to completely go over the structures damage limit. Before you ask I was hitting the weakest areas. Other than that the only thing I would really change is the way they worked the melee combat system. If I put away a melee weapon away i.e sword/pike that would mean that I don’t want to fight anymore. Don’t know how many times I’ve almost died because of this system. I want to run but my toon is in hand to hand mode so I’m unable to run.

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