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pve NA PVE ISO Seeds

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looking to buy bean seeds, beet seeds, carrot seeds, chick pea seeds, maize seeds, onion seeds, potato seeds, and rice seeds.  im in G9 but will meet half way, will pay gold OR resources we have copper, salt, poppys and sugar along with jute, agedwood , roots sandstone and chart as basic resources.

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Greetings I think we have all of the named seeds at our base in D6 at Fluffy Paradise island if your willing to make the trip ❤️ I cant leave as I am watching baby animals :3 and my connection sucks anyways for sailing haha.

Oops I apologise I just saw its NA PVE( I am EU), my bad I didn't see that party with my sleepy head... but good luck finding the seeds ur looking for ❤️
And have a nice weekend 🙂

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