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We are a Fun small group (here since game release), some are veteran Ark players with lots of experience looking to let a few more fun players. 
We are experienced with breeding, treasure maps, end game content.. missions, Hydras power stones, Kraken etc. 

Currently we own 2 bases, our main base in N8 called Booty Bay and our second base in D2.

Since this game is very similar to Ark from many points of view, we are looking for Ark experience (but is not essential for like minded players). 

Would be of benefit: 
- 100 + Ark hours. 
- 18 + years old. Preferably 
- Have microphone and discord (push to talk). 
- Know the basics of game. 
- Semi active. 

Also we do not want to make playing this game a job where you only grind like some tribes do, our main objective is having fun have adventurers and make good friends in game! 

If you are interested, come join our Discord now: Blackbeard Discord
Discord is open to everyone, so come take a look.


We are selling Bears at the moment, Stats, prices and photos are on our discord and in our animal pen as well in N8, open to everyone.
All bears got fixed prices (neutered and unneutered versions for sale), and can also be bought with resources instead of Gold. 🙂

New batches of bears are now for sale, breedable and non-breedable. 
We currently got 2 actions:
Action 1: All bears below Bear #10 half price! Get them while they are hot.
Action 2: All other bears you buy, you get a bear below #10 for free! Get them while they last.

Looking forward to see you all in our Discord. Don't hesitate to ask any questions.

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