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Fractured Vessel

"Studies" skills. (can equip up to journeyman etc.)

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Basically, I think these skills should be reworked. I think the player should have to ulock the ability to use the item, but any player can use any quality of an item they have already unlocked. What I propose is the "studies" skills being changed so they add a bonus to using rarer quality items, as opposed to being necessary to use them. This way, players can still progress as a jack of all trades type, or focus in a given discipline to be better than a jack of all trades build. For smaller companies and solo players, you seem to be stuck using lower grade items, and thus a large part of the game, gearing up and finding/crafting better items is severely limmited. Personally, I think a player should be able to ulock and use everything. But only master one skill. So to that end, my idea is as I suggested. Changing the "studies" skills to giving a flat % increase on the bonuses of that rarirty type. So tier 1 = 30% increase in effectiveness of up to journeyman (insert item type), tier 2 = 30% increase f items up to etc...

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