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Fractured Vessel

Ship Structure Limit Idea.

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I've been playing (and loving) Atlas for a few days now. I've sunk a lot of hours into Ark before that, with it being one of my favourite games. So while Atlas is a slightly different beast, I am familiar with the aspects that both share. With that said, I have been playing Atlas, and thinking about things that could be improved. So I'm going to make a few feedback/suggestion posts about each aspect/issue/idea.

So, structure build limits on ships... The way I see it, ships shouldn't have one. Structures have their own weights, and a ship has a weight limit. So it seems to me that the limit on the number of structures shuld be solely tied to how much weight that ship can support. I do understand however that the number of structures impacts performance, and that is the only reason preventing ships having no structure limit. Unless the game reaches a stage performance-wise where that isn't an issue. But I doubt that wil happen fully. The best you can probably achieve is having a higher "structure/performance ratio."

My suggestin for the short term, is to have cannons that are placed at gun ports not included in the structure limit. In essence, making the cannon and gun port count as a single structure. Or better yet, having all core ship parts (planks, decks) not count to the structure limit, as well as cannons attached to gun ports. Any cannons placed on the deck of the ship would add towards the number of strutures however.

I say this because I finally built a Galleon the other day, and enjoyed designing/building the look/function of it. However... I have now reached the structure limit, and this is before I have added a single cannon... So I think having cannons attached to gun ports, and core ship parts not count towards the structure limit (while still adding to the weight) would be a good compromise.

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hello together, I also came to expand and beautify my new galleon to the limits of Struckturlimits.

I built my galleon with 4 full decks and 2 decks as a border. The bottom deck was a full deck, the second from below was a rim for the cannon deck, the third from below was again a full deck (because it is the ship's main deck and deck), the fourth deck from below was the second deck as a border (to get a better access to the lower decks) The fifth and sixth decks from below were again full of decks.
For the two decks, which were built in only as a border, you have to build ceilings to build up the cannons, or to cover the cannons and thus have a catwalk. The incorporation of ceilings increases the number of installed structures enormously.
If you then want the stairs that are necessary to get into the respective decks, add railing then there are even more built Struckturen.
If you then want to add a railing on the edges and the edges of the Struckturlimit is almost used up, a few walls and doors and a few bodies and / or guns more and the Struckturlimit is exceeded even before the ship is finished.

A part of this can be avoided by widening the edges of the deck, for example, around the width of a ceiling. Here you should then completely closed the tip of the bow on a length of 3 or 4 blankets. That would save a lot of structures and at the same time improve the individualisation of ships.

You should also increase the limit of structures.
That would help many players build better and nicer ships.

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