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Stone/wood ceilings disappearing day after day NA-PvE

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Here are 3 pics showing the issue. I have replaced these ceiling pieces several times already and every day I log back in more pieces seem to be missing. I have replaced pieces every day for the last 3 days. These are just some of the pics. Nothing is destroying them so I believe this to be a bug, a very costly bug as resources are scarce in the Polar region. The issue has been present for the past 3 days and always been exclusive to the docks. Thank you.


11/5/2019 @ 224am EST


After 100% repair on 11/6/2019@2:56am EST



 I worked on the harbor off and on all afternoon/evening and then left the region for another grid. I came back approx 1-2 hrs later and found this:

11/7/2019@1:06AM EST


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I just had the same exact thing happen the other day. I spent days, over 150 thousand stone, and 70 thousand metal, wood, thatch and fiber - only to see 1/4 of my dock just disappear. around 200 + stone structures - GONE. I haven't had the urge to play since. It took the wind out of my sails completely. It took a LONG time to gather and make that stuff, and in a quick LONG-KNOWN and UNFIXED glitch - I have an unfinished dock with missing structures and no desire to play this game.

This stupid bug needs to be fixed, along with your memory leaks! Hire some crew and get the job done like you did in December when the game first launched.

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Same here. Daily occurrence for the past few days. Walls, roof, and floors disappearing every couple of hours. Very frustrating especially with me trying to solo this stuff. 


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