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Evan Cross

Large Companies & Ship Ownership

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I read somewhere that a company can have up to 40 anchored ships. So what happens with your 41st member who wants to own a ship? What do large company's of 50-100 people do about those that came later and want to own a ship of their own.


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You can have 300 ships per company. You can have 20 unanchored in a zone at a time and 40 anchored in a zone. Anecdotal evidence from most companies is even those larger ones have usually around 10 or so active people on a single base. Just due to the nature of resources and other factors people spread out all over the map. We have around 35 active daily players and our "events" mostly end up being people porting to 2-3 ships for things like key runs and over level 20 treasure maps. This is all from a PVE perspective. No idea what those pvp peoples get up to.

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