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pve EU PvE Affordabdle Atlas Tames {steam card give away}

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Hi there new players !

Are you tired of looking at way too high priced non breedable tames?
We at Affordable Atlas tames might have the sollution for you, we sell breedable tames from any kind, with almost any kind of stats!
( ok depends on what is in stock )

Because we just launched we decided to do a Atlas game giveaway for PC, in total we will be giving away 4 copies of the game ( will be gifted through steam )

We are busy uploading the tames, but if you already would like to participate the giveaway then do not hesitate to join our discord at: https://discord.gg/p3V4ZcV
O, and maybe we do not have the best, but we also don't ask over rated prices ! ( or we just give away free 197 % large mythical  pre made shipyard )


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Added bears for very cheap. More bears coming soon including very high melee.

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Nice, so the market is responding, we are coming into a ''bear market'' now ( trading bear market, not bears like animals in game google for more info on ''bear market trading'' ) As people are copying ideas about lowering prices ( because pressure is rising ), and gifting stuff away ( because others did so before, no game give aways from fairy tails was paid by me and my idea so nothing fairy about that ) We from Affordable Atlas Tames are giving away another Atlas game for PC (gifted through steam ), join our discord to find out more regading the give away and what you need to do to participate.

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