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pvp EU - PvP V.O.C Goods & Wares

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The V.O.C trading company runs a marketplace in grid E4 (EU PvP server). You can find our Goods and Wares stall on the beach next to the Freeport harbor of the Southern island in E4.

We currently sell (for gold at the marketplace)

- Seeds (wheat, pepper etc)

- Ship parts (large speed sails)

- Personal Weapons and ammo

-  Ship/base items (preservation bags, diving attachments, water barrels)

- Cooking items (grills, water barrels)

- Taming gear (saddles up to tier 3)

- Vegetables (wheat, rice, chilli etc)

- Personal buffs (rum, beer)

And much more (no tames atm btw).


Feel free to drop by and look at our wares on display (items can be sold out of course). However we are willing to craft or provide stuff on demand for gold or resources of our interest.

If you want to contact us, please reply in this thread so we can arrange a transaction.

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