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pvp Hell's paradise 3x3 PvPvE

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Hell's Paradise 3X|3X3|PvPvE|

Newcomers Welcome

Slots: 20 Slots Per a Grid

Note: Auto Restart Everyday At 1:00 AM EST

A2,A3 grids are pve,

A1,B1,B2,B3,C1,C2,C3 grids are pvp

Atlas Server List https://atlasserverlist.com/server/71285769

Discord Connect: https://discord.gg/udXx6FK

Steam Direct Connect Links steam://connect/

Mod List:


Admin Helper Tool

Custom Item Stacks

Total Ships

Market NPCs

Improved Settlements

Total People

Master Navigator

Blackwood Sub Unlock

ATLAS Beastmaster

Battle Stations

Server Spec's:

I7 - 3770 CPU

32GB of Ram

SSD 860 Evo - 500GB



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