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Are you really not able to destroy underwater bases?

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So I surely must be missing something, there has to be a way to destroy underwater bases right? I mean that would be a huge fail if you just have to build an underwater base to be unraidable. 

Now I do understand there are torpedos for ships, but we went to raid a company who has a few really deep lakes on on their island. We didn't find anything good in their above water bases, so we checked in the lakes and found stone hide outs deep under the water. 

But we couldn't blow into them, grenades don't work with water, the cannon balls explode when they hit the water and the structure is too deep to take damage. So what am I missing? 

And why the heck can't grenades just work under water, and then do boosted damage in/underwater like cave building in ark. 


Anyways, please let me know if I'm just missing or is this is just a major oversight by Grapeshot. 


Thanks, happy pirating... 

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Your not missing anything underwater stuff is a bitch to raid. 

You can.. use explosive barrels in some fashion by dropping them on it, or cannons will hit underwater, the cannon ball however is no longer visible, so just shoot at it till you get numbers and keep the cannon aimed there. 

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