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Crew Members Not Gaining Health

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From memory when I skill them up it initially works. But then stops. Hovering over the skill shows the current value and an increase hp value with the amount of the increase in (). However when you click it just stays the same and wastes the skill point.

On  other creatures I remember noting that sometimes the  increase wasn't as much as the green text said so I tried spamming one npc crew with nothing but hp to see if it eventually changed but it didn't.

So at the very least the code that showing the green "what you will get" text is different from the code that actually does the increase.
Either there is some point limit,  there is a rounding issue or some part of the code has an int when it should be a float.

Note different NPC Crew end up with different HP values so its not a hard HP cap.

Please fix this. I'd like the option of taking down AOD with NPC crew in mastercraft plate and swords rather than just a pack of bears.Not being able to level their hp doesn't help with this.

I'm playing blackwood on my own dedicated server. Default settings but with x2 on harvesting, taming, xp and breeding.


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On 10/22/2019 at 7:15 AM, CaptainFirecrotch said:

When I tried to level up my crewmembers health it didn't increase. It still continues to stay at 100.1 health.

Is your crew stationed on a gun etc?
I have found that it doesn't appear to register the stat increase until you unseat them, after which you can put them back on the station.

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Thanks !!! I'll try this. You may have doomed a bunch of npc crew to their deaths at the hands of AOD 🙂

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yes this works. Although unseating and reseating all the npc crew on canons is a pain.

I wonder which actually applies when they take damage while seated.

The difference between the green text on what you should get for a health stat increase and what you get is real.
It's worst the higher the HP and much more noticeable on my bears than the npc crew.


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