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pvp PVP Blackwood with boosted stats

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Hello everyone


Due to a Nitrado Problem we had to wipe the Server and start over…...


-Difficulty Offset 0.5 (Which means that we have higher level animals and stuff)

-Max Player Level is 200! 

-35x XP gain (+ more XP for crafting stuff) No worries, getting to 200 will take some time still (when you hit around 55 treasure Maps are basically still the only way to get decent xp)

-50x Taming (No instatames! Well, some very low Level can be instant, others are 2/3 times feeding and done)

-6x Gathering

-5x more Gold from treasure chests (don´t know how to boost floatsam)

No Player or Animal stats are touched!

Missing seeds (wheat for example) will be spawned in by an admin and handed out to those who ask for it 🙂


Rules are just a few:

-PvP only on Weekends or if both companies agree to pvp on weekdays (No offline raiding! That´s not pvp)

-Don´t build shipyards at the freeport docks!!!! (you can build at the Island but please build away from the freeport - the lag is crazy enough already with freeports)


Discord: YTsDuP8

Name of the Server is: Boosted Booty, 6x Gater, 5x Gold

No Password so feel free to join whenever you want 🙂

Edited by Zayne
Server Namechange, other edits to info

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Forgot to mention, it´s open for PC and Xbox Players

When we have a regular player base we will host events for high level tames and high level gear as rewards

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Joined your server a few days ago, been having fun. Rates seem good, thanks for hosting. Hope to catch you in game sometime.

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You did already 😉 You put your head into our Guillotine and my Buddy chopped your head off lol He felt bad about it all day xD

Glad you like the Server, just upped the time to mid December and will up again for more time soon. 

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Nitrado had a massive Problem and we had to reinstall the game 😞 

Which resulted in a wipe of Course, very sorry to everybody that lost everything. 


As a result (it was way to boring tbh) we changed to PVP

Rules are in the Discord (Raids only allowed on Weekends, on weekdays People can prepare and repair)

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