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Please add bed variations and pier building

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Just as the topic says. The rope bed is a bit old speaking as a 1st week player. Can we get a captains double bed for ships and land? The ability to make an actual Pier would be great. I've seen a lot of creativity on Lawless servers for people making do with what's available. Even some variation on storage containers would be great. I've seen desks and nightstands and even wardrobe closets and mods for single player. I do think it's about time that devs make their own to add even more playability to the game. I'm sure their ideas for new enemies in the future but that's another suggestion as well. I've had to start over three times and all the available items now or just becoming a bit generic. Adding more ship classes and whole skins might add even more variation.  Even after 3 wipes I still I think this is a good game that could be even greater.

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