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pvp Toxsea Blackwood 32xXP 10xTame 8xLoot+Hvst

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If youre looking for a Blackwood server on xbox come play with us..

Toxsea Blackwood

Xbox Players Only



8xLoot Quality+Gold+Harvesting



1.25xPlayer Damage (25% boost)

0.0001xVitamin Depletion (very slow)

0.75xPlayer Stamina+Food+Water Drain (drains 25% slower) 

0.75x"Dino" Stamina Drain (Creatures)

3xPlayer Health Regen

2x"Dino" Health Regen (Creatures)

No aging (live forever?)

Unlimited Respecs 

200% Crafted Item Cap

1.5x"Dino" Count (more creatures)

0.00625xMating Interval (lots of babies)

.005 Cuddle Interval (imprinting)

500xHatching Speed

4xCorpse Decomposition Time (bodies last longer)

1.25xGame Speed (25% faster everything)


Please search for the server name; Toxsea Blackwood. There is no password to join, but there seems to be some problems with blackwood servers not showing up on the server list at the moment. 

Join if yee dare, mateys


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Updating Stats/Settings

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Well, Looking at your stats your char and your animals are basically non-killable. Not fun on a pvp Server 😉

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You do realize its health regen not base health right? You have to stop fighting for it to start regenerating.. and player damage is increased sooo? Its ok I used to suck at pvp too youre allowed to be scared. Just dont go telling everyone.

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