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pvp Gaming Alliance Atlas Server

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If you want to play on an exceptional unofficial server  join the Gaming Alliance servers based in Australia 

 Gaming Alliance has over 600 people in discord and runs 40+ servers.
All servers are free to play however donations can be made via Patreon and are greatly appreciated by the server admin/owner. 
These servers are not risky rentals. The hardware is owned, updated and maintained by the admin and are state of the art.

  • This is not my server, I merely play on it, but I have been playing numerous titles on the Gaming Alliance servers for over 3 years and the Atlas cluster is very high quality with a fair and trustworthy admin.
  • Having played Atlas since release, on both official and unofficial, I can state that this is the best server cluster I have ever played on.
  • The 3x3 map is player designed, using selected biomes and islands to provide a full Atlas experience.
  • Great PvP community (no griefers), great rates and as I said, trustworthy long term admin.

---> GamingAlliance.Net|3x3|3x|PvP|SmallTribes <---

  • 3 x Gathering
  • 3 x XP
  • 3 x Taming/Breeding
  • Mode: PvP
  • PvP Window: 3hrs
  • Tribes: Limited to 6 players per tribe (unlimited alliances)
  • 1 x Freeport (no pvp on spawn island)
  • Freeport has no XP limitations
  • Player Food/Water Drain: 50%
  • Structure Pickup Time: 60s
  • Tribe Name Change Limit: 15 days (so make it count)
  • No building bases on starter island
  • Total Skill Points: 1290
  • Max Level: 151
  • Unlimited respec
  • Mods: Unlock Powerstones
  • Wiped: 5/Oct/2019

DISCORD details on website

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