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Sir Crashalot

Single player bugs/issues

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While attempting to take out a pirate encampment, I found that there was one pirate left, on top of a structure on a ballista.

Being unable to attack him with a ranged weapon (they are immune) I was forced to grapple up there to melee him off. As soon as I got up there, he swung the ballista around and trapped me inside of it, I was unable to do anything at all at this point, couldn't move, jump, duck or even use the grapple again, so I was forced to suicide. At which point the game decided to get stuck when I tried to respawn (white screen then black screen for eternity). From experience I know this means it has lost track of my ship and bed, when I restart the game it will spawn me at my base 5 zones away.  This happened on the (nw)camp by the sea on the small northwestern island in L4.

Edit: I used cheat fly to return to the location but there is no body there and all my gear is lost.

Anyway, here is a list of bugs/issues I have encountered during my single player experience.

1) Pirates mounted on guns etc. are immune to ranged attacks, forcing the player to try to melee them off. (which led to the above problem)

2) Pirate camps can spawn multiple times on top of each other. (you capture it and dismantle a wall just to find another in the same place that the game considers pirate owned still, also multiple cannons on the same spot and situations leading to stuck npcs)

3) No structural integrity, If I had tried using explosives to bring the tower down, it would have destroyed the walls and foundations but left the platform floating in air.

4) The game keeps losing track of ships and the beds in them, forcing you to respawn far away or back at your base. (this one has been reported many times)

5) I haven't seen any metal nodes respawn in over 80 hours of playtime.

6) Buried treasure (sp) gives an absurd amount of blueprints and gold. (60+ blueprints up to mythical quality and 2-3k gold for a fine map)

7) trapped creatures in taming pens flicking from one position to another. 

😎  Discoveries not working in single player. (special locations)

I feel that this game has a lot of potential both in sp and multiplayer, though it needs a lot of work both in content and bug removal.

I wish you luck for the future and hope the bugs are addressed soon.

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yea experienced 1 and the ballista is the most annoying one as it moves 360 so no matter what i cant attack him\her and like OP said immune against ranged.

i also have this odd map bug where it's rubberbanding like hell when zooming in and out, (can't even use the M map)

and i hope we can use custom maps soon (or if you can, somebody please tell me how :P)

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yeah, the pirate encampment doubling/tripling or more is most annoying. Even worse is when they spawn underground.

to compensate for the bed and boat spawn issue, I try to make land and drop a bed as quick as possible nearby. I then fast travel to the boat bed. Usually but not always gets me around the bug.

to get the pirates off the guns/ballista's... I like to setup a mortar just out of range of the guns. Then bombard the snot out of the place. After a few dozen rounds you can kill and sometimes destroy everything in the encampment.

Blueprint issue... okay, thought it was something I did. I picked up three maps and they were all in the same spot. When I killed off the AotD and dug up the treasure, I got tonnes of blueprints. many duplicates and/or very similar. I also had all three maps removed too

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another way i found to get them off that high tower is to flame arrow the ground next them if you can get a few oil jars in there also they burn up really nice.. crispy pirates anybody??


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I've done the grapple hook but ended up in the same position as you did. I tried climbing picks and these worked a little better in that you can climb up under the pirate and attempt to climb on to the pirate which has knocked them off a few times.

multiple spawn encampments... wait until they go underground completely, Can't do anything about them unless you use console commands

I finally gave up and disable WPE. This got rid of all new WPE but the camps where I discovered the island but ignored the camps, it got rid of most of the duplicates but left some behind some. Actually claimed one that hadn't duplicated

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