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Unable to gain experience points in Freeports (SP/Non Dedi)

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Hey guys,

There is currently a bug that makes it so players aren't able to gain experience points in Freeports on Single Player and Non-Dedicated. The good news is that we've fixed this internally, a patch will be going out for PC tonight and we've got a fix with Microsoft (including a bunch of other stuff), so hopefully, that can go out as soon as possible.

In the meantime, there are some possible workarounds that could be explored via cheats or changing your server settings.

Workaround 1:

Before starting a single-player or non-dedicated session, you can change the game settings to increase certain things such as the rates. This will make it so you can harvest and gather the items much more quickly without tools in order to acquire a ship and sail off the Freeport grid.

Workaround 2: 

You can use cheats! First of all, to unlock the cheat bar, do the following:

Go to the pause menu and simultaneously press LB+RB+X+Y to pull up the admin bar.

Now that you've got this bar open, you can either teleport to a new location:

cheat TP M6 -198788 -196971 125


You can spawn in a bunch of items to get you started:

cheat gfi weaponstonepick 1 0 0

cheat gfi weaponstonehatchet 1 0 0

cheat gfi clothh 1 0 0

cheat gfi cloths 1 0 0

cheat gfi clothp 1 0 0

cheat gfi clothgl 1 0 0

cheat gfi clothb 1 0 0

cheat gfi campfire 1 0 0

cheat gfi waterskincraftable 1 0 0

cheat gfi yarkspear 1 0 0

These are the basic items you can spawn in to help you get off the Freeport and then after that, you can continue as normal 🙂

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