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AltSaveDirectoryName not working

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This no longer works post server update to version 4269110 for Windows. All 4 server now try to save in a common directory named SavedArks. This started after the patch and reboot tonight. The servers are not updating or using the AltSaveDirectory locations at all right now. I have checked, double checked and rebuilt my server and the same issue persists. This is not a configuration issue that I can find. It was working. Now all my servers are down in this grid with the same problem.

Server build: 4269067

OS version: Windows 10 Pro build 1903 running on Oracle VirtualBox on Debian Linux 10.

Server is allocated 28 GB of RAM, 8 CPU cores and 50 GB of SSD storage. There are no resource issues.

Running the latest SteamCMD distribution for Windows.


I posted about this in the Bug section but no response.


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