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Join Failed Connection Lost

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I am not able to log into the game I keep getting a joining failed Connection lost message. I had this before the wipe. After the wipe I was able to play pvp but now I am not able to play again. I also can not play on pvp either. Please help me.

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I had the same issue. Validating the files on Steam worked. I restarted the computer as well, but I don't know whether or not that was actually necessary (didn't try it before restarting).

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Posted (edited)

Lawl just kidding. It's back. 

... Back to X4.


Edit: Validating the files AGAIN worked... Seems the game might be corrupting a file or saving something wrong.

Update: Issue persists after latest patch. (400.21)


Another Update:

Uninstalling and reinstalling the game does not correct the issue (400.38). Persists on all Official servers. With and without BattleEye. Can seemingly connect to unoffical servers just fine (haven't gone past creation menu). Singleplayer is working normally (as normally as it is right now).

Internet connection is fine. Can get on and play ARK, Conan Exiles, ESO; even tried Anthem and WoW. No connection issues.

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Update 11/8/2019:
Problem persists. Ping is showing at 180-200+ and cannor connect what-so-ever. Still. Ping on ARK servers showing less than 50. Able to connect to ARK no problem. Ping on Conan servers showing between 50-100. Able to connect to Conan servers with no issue.

Ping on PixARK NA servers showing around 100. Decided to pick a random Asian server with almost 300 ping. Can connect to and play with no issue. Was even astonished by how little rubberbanding there was.

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