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How Create your Company (or find a Company to join)

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How to find the Companies section:


You can use the Companies section to advertise your company or to find a company to join.  You can find a link to the Companies section at the top of the forum.


To create a company:


Once you are in the Companies section, click the Start a Company button.  You will have to choose between PVE and PVP.   You may also want to include whether your are EU or NA in your company name. 

Please be careful when choosing between Open, Closed, and Private for your company's privacy setting, as you will not be able to change this in the future.

You can create different topics in your company, such as a recruitment topic or activities topic.


To find a company:


Use the Filter to choose PVE or PVP.  You can use the Sort By to order the remain companies based on Last Activity, Most Members, Most Content, Latest Created, and Name.

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