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Update for Xbox and PC Crossplay Launch

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Ahoy Pathfinders,

We’ve just received some news about the launch and wanted to share it with you alongside some further info that may answer some recent questions we’ve been fielding.  

Unfortunately, our launch time for our Official Networks and Xbox Crossplay will be delayed. In order for the game to list, there needs to be a change to some backend configuration settings that can only be done with Microsoft's help. As these changes are necessary for the launch of the game, we’ll have to delay it until they’ve applied those settings in the morning (Pacific Time). We don’t expect the process to take a long time and are currently estimating the delay to be 4 hours, pushing the launch time to 4pm ET. 

Answers to the recent FAQ from the Community: 

  • EU PvP, EU PvE, and NA PvE will be launching on the 8th of October at 4pm Eastern Time. Timezones for other regions: https://everytimezone.com/s/170de87f
  • ATLAS will be available on Xbox Game Preview for $29.99 USD (£24.99/€29.99)
  • The size of the game on Xbox will be 80gb
  • Players will be able to host Unofficial Xbox and Crossplay servers via Nitrado
  • The Xbox One X version currently does not support HDR but we will be adding it into the game with a patch later this week, with a bundle of GPU and CPU improvements for all platforms which are currently in testing.

In other news, we are also working on an update for Wild Pirate Encampments! A patch will be coming out soon that will introduce difficulty levels to the WPEs. The difficulty will be displayed on the grid, and the camps will contain better loot the harder they are. We hope you’re having fun with that new system and thank you for all the feedback and reports you’ve provided about it so far!



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