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GTXGaming Official Maps Need updated Json files

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Hello Developers,

I have recently obtained a 5x5 region map on GTXGaming.

I got her set up and BAM the huge nearly 10 gig update drops lol. The next day.

The json that GTXGaming has for their 5x5 Official Atlas map is with old islands.

All manner of issues have sprung up. Mostly to do with spawning in under the land geometry and red fire walls blocking transit from on region to another. That type of thing.

Before I tried to play on the new update I did a wipe of all 25 servers and deleted all the maps because I read the latest news of changes.

I then reloaded all the maps, checked the sync ID info was still good added the small patch to all servers THEN tried to play.

I was stumped.

Until I read the news again: " It’s important to note that any savefile which used our older islands previously may have unpredictable issues after this update has been released, due to the level/technical changes that were made. "

I even saw the bit about going over to GitHub (Don't know why I am green now lol) to get the json files, but this is over my head.

Any news on when you will get the updated 5x5 Official maps over to GTXGaming sos they can fix this?



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There is no Atlas official 5x5, that was provided by your hosting company.    The devs decided to change a bunch of islands because they always planned on wiping.     That means everyone else is wiped and has to redo their maps.


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20 hours ago, Oldwolf said:

I see. Thanks for the replies @Nutcutt3r & @krazmuze

Hey look up Atlas Server Control, here on the forums. It will do everything you are asking and more. It does local and remote so you can set it up and upload it. It monitors updates and restarts.

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