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To all my friends and foes, the admins who helped us out;

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Thanks for all the fun we had, the trades we did and bossruns.

We tried, we prayed and we sweared, but we lost. Again ARK logic has taken over, nothing will change untill this game will be at least 1 year out of EA.

This wipe means the end for all hard work alot of you guys did. All breeds, builds (FIX THAT &*er%$$#%^BUILDINBUG AS WELL!!!) and tons of hours to sail around the rest of the bugs resulted in;




Oh no, even that's not gonna happen.


Take care all, 

I'm out of this mess.

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If You wanna have one Last funny Day in atlas we will be taming Dragons tomorrow^^ only Need to come to g10 or E12 for Pickup 🙂

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