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If wipe, persist character?

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Early access wipes of land-based structures make sense and are completely reasonable...land geo changing, islands rearranged, WPE need unclaimed space, etc. I'm not convinced that a wipe does anything for player balance.

In the event of any next wipe, can we keep our characters? Maybe even a ship (with whatever we can carry on it) if it's anchored in a safe space and we're sleeping on it?

I think this would help keep the player base active before major game-changing events, increasing regularity by reducing wipe anxiety.

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Islands are deleting - how do you think they will deal with discovery points becoming garbage pointers if they do not wipe your character?

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Your character data contains a list of which discoveries you've discovered and which you have not.

"We are glad to inform you that your character will not be wiped in the upcoming wipe, however due to some islands being removed we will have to remove those discoveries from your character data. But in recompence for your continued support if you have discovered all the current discoveries in a particular region, we will consider it fully explored and grant you any new discoveries in that region as a bonus."

Is the above scenario posible? - yes

Do they want the extra work? Do they want you to start from scratch? - I can't answer those.


The same could be done for a ship.

"As freeports can't be built on, we can do the reconfiguring of these regions at a later date. With this in mind we have switched off the decay timers and if you wish you can bring one ship to these safe harbour freeports to ride out the wipe in safety, please bare in mind only the ship you log out on will be saved."

Again it's possible

And again the same questions arrise.

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