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 Been a while since I posted here, but after seeing the latest post in Steam about the roadmap post Xbox launch I was excited to see that you guys really seemed to be heading in a positive direction. I've been a big fan of Atlas from the beginning, about the potential that could be found here, and of the Dev team that really seemed to be listening/responding to what the community wanted. But I did have some issues that caused me to lose interest in playing, mainly just the fact that it grew boring and offered little challenge really. I was on the PvE side my last round of Atlas, so removing the PvP aspect does take away from the game a good bit, but I really felt like it didn't have to here. Not with some slight changes that I thought would really help to round the content out.


 Your road map hit a lot of those things on the head, so I wanted to throw out some ideas that I had spoken of before that were along the same lines, and hopefully see them get added ingame.



 The ships section of the road map mentioned making it possible for those seeking to "live" aboard their ship, it also mentioned offering more activities at Sea. Both of those are great, and would really drive home the "pirates life" that I think a lot of us were hoping for. But one thing I'd like to add there is customization. The ship system is awesome, and a lot of fun, but in the end building your ship is really just the illusion of customization. In the end, aside from a few wall panels and such, you end up with either an efficient ship or an aesthetic ship. But why not both?


 Adding to the shipbuilding system would be easy, even just adding a "modules" type of situation where you could customize your ships capability through "installed modules" would make your ship unique. It would add another layer of depth to your ship that would make it stand apart from others of the same class. Modules for the hull, sails, even combat side would offer a world of difference while not requiring any more visual art for it (Although visual art on top would be stellar). Aesthetic customization seems to be coming along nicely, but more would obviously help the ship to feel less like "just another ship", and more like a "home".


 The other issue is the NPC Crews, obviously, they offer solo players or people with small groups the ability to sail larger ships without having to find actual players to sail with. However, when these groups have a combat Galleon each that they choose to sail rather than sail together it makes the game less fun. There are already boons to sailing together, such as having a player with all the cannoneer skills being able to reload faster. Clearly that hasn't proven valuable enough for players to prefer others over NPCs. Adding in better bonuses or boons to having less ships in a company and more player crew when you leave port would also make a world of difference, in my opinion. This could even be achieved by adding a system that checks how many players are on a ship, and has tiered rewards for meeting a specific amount.


 5 players - 5% speed increase

 10 players - 5% damage reduction

 15 players - 10% increase Cargo Weight

 Etc etc


 Offering bonuses for having more player crew on a ship could make it more attractive to play together rather than the meta (when I was still active) of everyone having their own ship to offer more "overall DPS". 




 The biomes are cool, the different tames and resources available are awesome, how the blueprints force you to gather from different areas is fun, however... I never really enjoyed "exploration". I simply went to a different biome to gather, got the tames I wanted, ran some treasure maps, then left. Despite the world being very pretty, it's not like I would really find anything by searching around. Adding in some form of randomly spawning treasure that offered something of more substance than just gold or blueprints would really make the game more interesting. Similar to the discovery points that allowed you to reach higher levels, but possibly something more "character-specific".


Such as learning new engrams, giving crafters more than just "high intelligence" to shoot for. You travel and explore not only to reach a higher character level, but also to unlock engrams only available by "having travelled the world". This also makes crafting more than just "who has the most points into intelligence and some good intel gear"? It gives those focusing on being a crafter a whole new level of gameplay.




 Speaking of crafting, I loved what you guys did with BPs here as opposed to Ark, giving them a finite amount of crafts. That was awesome, and really made me interested in wanting to be a crafter. However, I think that side of gameplay could use a little bit more love. What I'd personally like to see is reward for time spent crafting, such as when I've crafted 100 medium hull pieces my base hull piece gets a boost. Maybe it becomes Journeyman, or possibly just has increased stats based on how many times I've crafted that item. This rewards crafters for repeatedly crafting the same thing, so an armorer who has crafted a ton of armor would create at a base level higher than someone who just repec'ed to craft off some BPs. The same for ship builders, weapon smiths, you could even include the architect players making building pieces.


 This would really help to create a player economy as well, giving crafters a reason to try and create "businesses". This could also be easily nerfed when you added in dying of old age and breeding to create progeny (if that's still a planned thing). When they die, they retain a small percentage of whatever they achieved with their last character, this could even work for the "Fountain of Youth". Sure, you are made young again, but the process also cost some of your "memories/wisdom" that old age brought you.


 In Summary


 I'm pretty excited about the roadmap, think you guys have been heading in a great direction for some time, and am looking to come back to Atlas here soon. I hope some of these ideas might spark some interest and grow into something awesome, they are definitely things I thought would add to the gameplay.

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Like your ideas, and the multiple players on a ship bonus sparked some ideas of my own.

1. with a captain at the wheel, if there is a player on the podium - +5% speed, plus an additional 5% divided by number of sails for each sail manned by a player.

2. with a captain at the wheel, manning a cannon will grant your loading and targeting bonuses to the nearest 1-2 NPC's mounted on cannons, a player on the podium will increase this by +1.

3. make cargo racks mountable. With a captain at the wheel, if an NPC is mounted reduce speed penalty by 25%, if a player is mounted reduce the speed penalty by 50%. Increase this value by 25% if there is a player mounted on the podium.

(All values are for description purposes and can be changed for balance)

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