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Lag spikes with Hotbar

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Issue has come up with ping jumping every time a item is put in the hotbar or removed.  It sits around 25 ping and jumps to 145 when adding or removing articles from hotbar.  When I start a new map, issue isnt present.  Starting a new map and moving user generated saves over still creates a problem.  This is happening to new players and old.  Tick rate also wants to stay around 11-15 when its set up to 20 or 25.

If a faded version of the pick is on your hotbar and there is one in a box, if you remove the pick from the box and it goes directly to your hotbar, it doesnt cause the spike.  It seems to be when you socket something new into the bar.


Issue also with 1 player joining.  Ping is normally 25 then it shoots up to 170 for as long as a player is connected.

Blackwood Map

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