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I was thinking since we have a multitude of ingots that can be made with the forge what if we had a "Top Tier" ship like an Ironclad? 

I know the Galleon is a top tier ship and is very large but to make more use of these ingots and move into more of an "industrial era" type warship that can utilize steam or coal engines and still utilize the NPC crew for sails, loading coal/water for engines, as well as cannons would be awesome.

We would still be able to put the submarine and all other side attachments on due to it's large size like a galleon.

Also, having a "metal" tier of building parts would allow for better base defense, bigger raids, more difficult ship battles, and better use of ingots.

I know that's a pretty far fetched idea but I thought I would just throw it out there.


Thanks for your time,




Here's an example of an old Ironclad... 🙂


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I like it! 

But I have to say I hear the next round of complaints in my head, "I lost my ship because I ran the boiler out of water and it just exploded this game sucks fix that it's stupid!"

I'd like to see something along that line I love an endless making and crafting game. Also the detail of having to use water. 

P.S. It should be a little slower than the galleon but have a massive amount of armor.

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20 hours ago, Wotannatow said:

The submarine is already in the game, so why not have something like this as well. 

But that's NOT a sub.

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