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Some Ideas

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a)removal of damn ships  and  replacing them with more realistic (NPC) merchant ships and warships which players will be able to sink/loot/even capture , (capture part will give more options to the players to use NPC in PVE).Add low system and add "Navy" to hunt the (pirate) players.

b) Remove that...cyclones ...this work like a "penalty" for the players, especially the galleys can't avoid them and they have to make painful repairs every time,unless you find at least one player who likes this in game.

c)more ship types.....(no more submarines)

d) join all servers into one server (EU/NA/PVP/{PVE) divide map with pvp and pve sektors and add "godlmines" to the pvp sektors so that players have a more serious reason to take risks.

e)make it more difficult for players to build ships (must need more and more skills) , and give them the option to sell them so that gold can be more valuable.

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