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whistle npc - confused

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aye aye


so im little confused. I used to use "comma" to whistle the npcs to sails, cannons etc. 

I only want 1 to be moved, not all npcs, nore i need all my animals on the ship...

I check'd setting but could not find a "whistle one NPC to"... I'm just blind or doesnt this exist?I want to get one npc to my sail and not to the wheel... I want to use the wheel, seems to be impossible or is there a trick? (I know, move with the npc close to sail when u have him on follow, but the sail is too close to the steeringwheel 😕

if it does not exist, this should be added to game very soon, no?


ty Pirates!

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As far I as know, it doesn't exist
You can still do some group, but not ideal 😕
I'd like a button like "Creatures on follow go there" too
So you can put one NPC on follow, then "get there"
So if you fail to aim the sail, all your animals don't go to the ship x)

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