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Blackwood future and Fountain of Youth location

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With the new road map will Blackwood still be supported?

Anyone know where I find the Blackwood Fountain of Youth? Hydra island? Island near by?
Let me guess the super hard island where alpha soldiers of the dammed spawn and when you try and leave you run straight into the mermaid mine field (tip put a bed right near your steering wheel).

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My bud and I found the FoY and devised a way to get to it .... without going through the mermaid lake and the crazyness of the cove that's right before the mermaid lake...... We're going to take video and post it. It involves a VERY high set stairs, wingsuits, and some determination.

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Blackwood Fountain of Youth where is it? 

Does anyone know? Is there a mod for it or do I have to redo my character?

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I am loving the map, it still has much to cleanup.   

- Map is right size to be hosted and more than enough room for a couple small companies.

-Maps are amazing, towns are impressive, there really is no completely safe place except maybe in ship anchored off shore, or safely in house.

Only been to four Islands so far. and viewed a fifth, from off shore, was not ready for ogres yet.  The map definitely has issues.

- Missing Discovery areas,  never realized how much I missed them until they were not there. no idea which island is which.

- No fish around the first two islands I visited.  The last one had fish, most dead since the ocean did not could not be swam is as you dropped to bottom, and all fish died from being out of water.   Still showed swimming animation, but regular gravity,  only grappling hook got me our alive.

- Blocked paths with not explanation, found a cave, all lit up pink lights, but could not enter.

- too many non-functional things,   lots of crafting stations around towns that look functional but are not.,  huge towns with few NPCs, some NPCs do absoutely nothing. No interaction, essectially moving statues.   To many cecorative only items, like trees and plants the cannot be chopped down, but look just like the item next to it that can.

Couple things I miss.

- The world Edges are hare, slammed my boat into them almost sunk.   so easy to ger stuck in a map corner so best to stay away from edeged.

- Many Mods don't quite work right, not sure why this was not implemented a 11 islands on a 1x1 map so could be incorporated inot custo maps, if anything that is biggest failure of the map.   I would have much preferred that.




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