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Live Stream - Constructive Feedback

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Ok lets try to keep this thread simple with direct answers to the devs about what we liked or didn't like about the stream and how it could be improved in the next stream in one month.
Please don't start discussions about others answers and instead give your own answer directly to the devs or questions that did arise with the stream.

So first thank you devs for letting us in on your plans and taking on the huge task of redesigning the game so we can have more fun while playing it.
It was quit informative but also left a lot of points in the fog that need to be cleared in the next streams, or dev blogs as uncertainty isn't a good thing.

So the biggest question for the community is about the Wipe. If you haven't decided when you will have a wipe please try to share Infos with us when you will not wipe. For example: We can tell you only there will be no wipe and release of a new map until the next live stream in one month and we will update you then if this has changed.

A big point of concern is the pie chart of what you plan the game to become. I think you are completely right with that direction but since its a bit foggy what your ideas for the different parts are i will just name a few things you might want to clarify in later streams or dev blogs.

The combat part makes up 25%, that is massive even surpassing those of most deathmatch games with no content besides fighting. So the concern here is please don't force combat on players that they don't want. Neither by throwing creatures or pvp at them or having quests like kill 100 monsters mandatory. Don't replace grinding mats of stationary object with grinding mats of moving objects 😉
Maybe your idea goes more into the direction of making combat more fun and rewarding so people choose to do it on their own? That would be the interesting part to share with us.

The exploration part is tiny. I don't know but everyone i speak to wants more exploration and always new things to discover. Maybe you could shift a bit combat part to exploration instead and having more quests like finding an object or treasure in the world rather than kill x creatures? Maybe the combat and ship parts does include exploration and not just labour like transporting or farming stuff? You might want to point that out if it's the case.

Another question you might want to share if you can, what are your artists and animators doing while no new content and only bug fixes is on the plate? Does your team have the luxury of switching ark engine devs with artists for this phase or do you simply not have distinct developers and all are more jack of all trades?

No new content
You might want to give us some insight on this, i guess you mean no new content like a new creature? But still adding new content like enemy ships and stuff you need to improve for the Phases like ships and gameplay?
What happens to almost finished stuff like pirate encampments or the cat, will those be hold back for a while or are they still coming, wasn't really clear if the new plan makes the already announced other plans obsolete.

And finally questions about the steps of the Roadmap.
I can tell the roadmap spans a long time period and a lot of stuff especially content gets postponed beyond it. Will you or do you consider to expand the EA phase of Atlas beyond the planned release in about 18 months? Also does it mean new content is only postponed rather than cancelled?

The first phase actually is never ending in game development so i guess you meant more to implement a brief technical redesign to improve the game in general during this phase rather than create a final balance and fix all bugs?
Another question about the technical part, are we talking about polishing or streamlining? As streamlining usually means a game that runs better but plays worse by limiting features and quality.
Maybe you can share this, is xbox support an integral part of atlas or an addition, meaning will xbox or console compatibility limit the performance and options on the pc like it does with many other cross platform engines?

When you say new ships is the core of the game and the most complicated part shouldn't you have developers to work on it right now? Just so it doesn't fall of the plate when you try to fit it in later in the development when additions are more complex and conflict more with balance and systems? Kind of like build the game around the ships as its core feature? Maybe it gets more clear when you can share more Infos on Phase 1.

World redesign
Same as with ships, wouldn't any balancing changes now be futile when you implement a new map that plays completely different later?
Are you planning instanced content dynamically adapting to player numbers and strength and/or level based zones?

Finally i have seen what you achieved and are confident you will do everything you planned in the right way, these are just some question you might want to clarify to give players a better insight of what is happening with the game and allow them to plan ahead better.

And now what i really like about the new plan and live stream.

You shared Infos that show us the future direction of the game which is awesome and give us some insight of your work 😉
Also you showed us you consider all ideas from the forums even complete redesigns which opens a lot of potential for the game.

The focus on ships and ship content is exactly the right way to go to make Atlas stand out. Also the idea to achieve it by adding content rather than removing stuff, i wish more developers would do it this way.
Also sticking to the mmo idea and making Atlas a game of it's own kind, your dedication to the game is impressive 🙂

I am very happy that you consider to implement a living world and events, with the server structure the game uses we could be having different and dynamically changing experiences on every server and generate something really unique that no game has achieved yet. We also have to see that Atlas has not only the potential to be a good mmo, it has possibilities that other mmos do not have and can become a really awesome experience like never seen before.

So far i experienced everything you did had high quality and a lot of thought to it, going that way for the missing parts and the missing gameplay Atlas would become an awesome game i would gladly buy many addons later and stick with for a long time.

Also it might be subjective but you all seem more relaxed now, it's good to be able to sail a calm sea for a while after going through rough waters. Dont let the sea throw you around just keep sailing and arrrrrive finally at the place you dreamed of 😉

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