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Single Player Mode Max Level Wild Creatures Tameable

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This has pretty much been asked and answered already many times in different places, but it's confusing. I'm playing in single player mode with "single player settings" enabled. My Game.ini also includes "Max Difficulty=True." So, what's the max level I can expect to see for a wild creature that I can tame? In some places online it seems the max level tamable creature is level 30, is this true, especially in single player mode? I thought maybe 150 would be the number, like Ark, but I'm not seeing levels that are in multiples of 5. I think some of the highest levels I've seen are 104 maybe 116. Could I even tame those?

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If you set the difficulty on 1 (preset 0,2) the wild animals can spawn up to level 150. Alphas up to 1000 or more (not seen one over lvl 963). And if you're not on a powerstone-island you can tame everything except alphas.

The problem now is the max lvl of the tames. If you breed without changing your game.ini file you will not be able to lvl them up over lvl 130 or somewhete there around.

In another post jat postet a example for the game.ini file who lets you lvl up tames born up to lvl 120 with another 150 lvl = 270 Max.

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