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Blackwood FoY?

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Is there a FoY?

I'm getting up there in age and starting to worry.... Lol 

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OK .... thank you

..... except I still don't know where that would be. I've never seen a power stone, nor do I know what to do with one if I was to find one.

I'm having a hard time finding a screenshot of the Blackwood atlas/map/whole grid that I can use to help me pinpoint the PS island. Is it the top NE island? Middle right island? Second SW island that looks like a heart? (those were made up locations but you get it)

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Ok...... We see a waterfall at the back of a cove that CONSTANTLY has mermaids !!!!!


1. In front of the waterfall is a pond that is surrounded by lots of bad animals, and the pond has sharks.

2. Our ship is in the cove, almost at the back of it, but the mermaid song circle encompasses our whole ship!! We can't even respawn on the boat as it immediately pulls us off. Also, the song circle extends WAY into the shore and woods that we can barely run to the pond before the mermaid song pull us back WHILE we're running. 

3. There are SO MANY tigers, lions, and pterodactyls that we can't get more than a 20 - 30 yards out of the water before death. 

Where is the FoY cave entrance once we get to the waterfall??  But more importantly, how the $&%* do we even get close?? 


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