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Atlas AutoSaver : SoloPlayer / Non-Dedi

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Hi everyone,

After me and friends lost all their progression due to differents bugs,
I made a small program that create some backup for your soloplayer/non-dedi.

The program will ask if you want to auto-save Ocean or Blackwood map, then will launch the game.
Then, every X minutes it will save the files of your solo/non-dedi multi in a folder with the current date.

So if  you destoyed everything with an inentended command, or a mod that wasn't loaded so everything related to it is destroyed, or any others sad story,
you will be able to use theses back-up, so you won't loose your entire game/save


I shared it on Github so anyone can use it and see the code behind, I made it easy to use, you just need to set your game path and saves path in the .ini.

Read the readme, all informations are there 🙂


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