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Single player settings for land

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So I started playing this game with a friend and after a while switched to single player since we had some losses and he stopped playing. Anyhow what we noticed was that treasure maps are completely impossible the army of the damm that spawned was way too powerfull. I read up that people were using bears so I did as well and barely managed to do the common treasure map. Anyhow. I switched some of the settings to make the game fun.

So I have like higher rates for resource respawn/gather/tame speed/ All player stats are 2x and weight is 6x same with animals except wild animals those are 1. I also made that player res is 0.3 meaning I don't die so easily. Dificulty is set to 1.

Now with these settings I managed to build a brigatin with cannons on extra floors on one side and sink some AI ships. Now I have a galleon and I pretty much can sink high level enemy ships. Whales seem ok as well All tho all fights end up with me crafting ammo and repairing a lot. Most of the time escaping sinking(with lsot planks). Anyhow I think ship battles are ok balanced since I am only using normal gear/ship gear/building I have blueprints but not the mats to build them. So the sea battles are ok.

The land fights on the other hand. Terrible I had like a 131+ bear plus a second one 96 smt Tried doing a treasure map that gave 1+k gold one bear died the other was like 10 hp or died cant remember now. I went to the golden ruins and got 2 shoted by fire elemental while on the bear with the bear.

I tried using fire arrows those just go through the army of the dead, ship cannons also do nothing to the army of the dead they go through em.

Idk with these kind of settings can you advice some changes or something since everything on sea is ok but on land it's impossible or do I need like extremely good gear for this, meleeing is like worthless since the army stuns you and just kills me even with 0.3 setting.... and I do too little damge guns also dont work on them. I know I have like normal gear from smithy and all not BP but still tried killing a yeti level 8 needed a bear and kept shooting at it it's just not normal. any clue what to do ? Settings to change so that I don't mess up sea battles but make land ones more normal. I can;t kill a low level lion with a sword atm.

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I also had my difficulty set to 1.0 and the first time I went after a 500 gold coin treasure I was met with Level 160 Army of the D!  I kept trying this over and over increasing the number of pigs I was using.  Finally gave up.  I now have difficulty set to 0.8 and my bear, lion and tiger combo can usually defeat the AotD defending 500 gold coin treasures.  But this setting is a mixed bag of tricks.  If you want to find high level animals to tame then you need to increase the difficulty setting.  Increase it too much and all of the rampaging lions and tigers just eat you up :-).



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