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30 minutes ago, Inigo said:

Do what now? He was referring to other games forums removing 'detrimental' posts and for 'good reasons', and what that traditionally means is any negative criticism, which is in fact sweeping things under the rug, as anything that might prevent a sale from a prospective customer could be considered detrimental. A lot of forums do that, and quite frankly it's in pretty poor taste. I havent noticed it really here, obviously this game has a very large amount of vocal critics as well as defenders, so it's a bit of a moot point for this forum.

Tho the suggestion of that level of censorship is quite awful.


Censorship in a public forum is indeed quite awful. Censorship of a forum paid for and maintained by the owners of a game is imo not awful. The game is a business, it exists to make money. It is commendable when gaming forums are open with their players and don’t suppress criticism like some do, and as someone who is at times critical of this game and it’s developers, I appreciate that GrapeCard let’s me have my say here even when it’s critical. I don’t think they owe this to me, nor is it any right. I think it’s a smart business decision because being open with your players can lead to valuable feedback even if, and sometimes especially when, it’s negative.

if the forum is owned and run by the game, it’s developers have every right to decide how much or how little they want to restrict speech there. I think that developers which do not suppress comments that are critical are making a smart business decision that happens to align nicely with our tradition of free speech.

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18 hours ago, Realist said:

Hello Inigo, I appreciate your post. Not just on my behalf but because I believe you have a good and open minded personality. Thank you for being you. People don’t tell others that enough. It seems to be a lost form of communication to give credit where credit is due and I just want you to know you just got some credit.

Well thank you good Sir.

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