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pvp Immersive Atlas Role play

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Immersive Atlas


Immersive Atlas is an 18+ roleplay community offering a 3x3 (nine tile) dedicated server(s) located in the UK (EU) that can hold up to 450 players(this number can be increased up to 1350). They have also hosted a successful Conan Exiles server for two years with a great community of its own, Atlas is an addition to their portfolio of game servers. Gather and xp rates have been increased slightly above official rates to 5x.  The server owners plan to add mods as soon as they become available, such as quality of life and decorative mods.



You must be an Adult to play in this server (18+)
Out of Character harassment/insults are strictly forbidden.
Role play is Mandatory in Local Chat.
Role play should direct your actions, especially in PVP.
Lore friendly names are Mandatory, This includes Clan names.
Reading the Reference Channels is mandatory.


The admin staff comes from a pen and paper gaming background, with more than 20 years of experience.  Heavy emphasis is put into helping our community create unique and interesting characters based on the lore of the world they are in.  If you are a sensitive being and things such as sexual content offends you, Immersive Atlas is not the place for you (even our general discord channel is NSFW).  


If you are a mature role player looking for a great community to start your Atlas journey with, please join our discord!



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