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Game is more unplayable than ever.

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So where do i start. First of my game constantly crashes in sp and in pve. Second no SoD at all i  blackwood or ocean maps. Some crashes causes a blue screen. Cant be hardware related bc i can run ark with a big overclock on my cpu and gpu and no other games crash my pc. Atlas crashes everytime i quit a sp game or when i die. This game seems more like a cash grab now more than ever due to the fact content and maps are being added but game breaking bugs arent being patched that ruin the game for most. I played last night on sp and crashed 5 times 2 of those were while placing large gateways and walls. 2 others were crashes before the map even loaded. While other bugs have been fixed the ones that cause crashes have yet to be fixed. Im sure it will be fixed eventually but people are finding other games and not returing to this one. I mostly play single player now so when the game crashes i either lost 5 mins of progress or the game is paused and im not struggling to get back on to see it i lost a ship to a crash again or valuable bp weapons.

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