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Blackwoods a goer

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Finally got on blackwood today (thx Mr J) and I gotta say it is absolutely stunning, Why people are still slating this game and its developers is beyond me, suggestions yeh, constructive criticism ok, but this game and it's devs do not deserve the hate they have been and are receiving. Yeh the games not perfect, but damn the amount we have got for the small amount we all paid is phenomenal. Frankly the price it is now on steam is an injustice,they are practically giving it to people. I think the haters need to lay off and let Atlas get firmly established.I for one wish to see it do really well, and on multi platforms too and i'm sure i'm not alone in this.

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There's just no pleasing some people, you know. No matter how hard you try, they always find something to complain about. Some criticism certainly is justified, but what's coming from some people just is a load of nonsense. 


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I agree, even if the desert island look pretty meh
The other island looks so fucking cool
The PvE island is so much better than any others.
The arena for Hydra/Drake is really cool
Undercity too

I really love the differents village, especially the asian one (even if it kills my FPS)

And it finnally allow to do unnofical server with interesting stuff

Great job Iso and Atlas !

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WOTANNATOW..... I don’t feel that you..... let me put it another way.....

DAMIT.... I can’t think of anything positive to say.....

WOTANNTOW made my brain lock up.... now I gotta go get 2 popsicles and a jar of peanut butter to start a manual reboot....


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