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🌴🌺🌊 [NEW] Blackwood Lothian MODS πŸ™πŸ³renderTimingPixel.png

🌍 β™₯ Lothian DISCORD URL β™₯Β http://discord.gg/e3EPcug 😜

πŸ’₯ Wiped 30/07 NEW πŸ’₯

You are invited to join our Atlas Blackwood server. If you are bored of vanilla Atlas and want to experience an awesome modded play through with us. Decorate your home and town with decor mods. Build your own town with Chronicles RP Town Builder and come trader with all our Market NPCs.

Atlas server connection Info:

🏰 You can also join by searching [NEW] Blackwood Lothian MODS in the community server list with Show Non-Atlas Servers checked. 🏯

Please join our Discord and ask to talk to an admin if you have any issues or want to talk about adding or removing certain mods. Keep up to date with server down times and info. 😊

Mod Collection:Β https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1813799612

Our Mods

πŸ”Έ Custom Item Stacks
πŸ”Έ [SPUK] Advanced Structures
πŸ”Έ No More Mini Games!
πŸ”Έ Atlas Trasnfer//Pickup Gun
πŸ”Έ eco's ATLAS Foliage
πŸ”Έ eco's RP Decor
πŸ”Έ Market NPCs
πŸ”Έ Permanent Dragon
πŸ”Έ IndiamanShip v1.2.4
πŸ”Έ Total Sails
πŸ”Έ Potions for Atlas
πŸ”Έ CrewGoddies Alchemy
πŸ”Έ TnM Custom Shop Menu
πŸ”Έ Paintable Atlas Interior
πŸ”Έ Peachy Atlas Decor
πŸ”Έ Peachy Ship Decor
πŸ”Έ Atlas Glider Plus
πŸ”Έ Unlockable Submarine
πŸ”Έ LC Atlas Fireplace
πŸ”Έ Armor Skins


πŸ”Ή Gathering x3
πŸ”Ή Exp x2
πŸ”Ή Taming x10
πŸ”Ή Breeding x10
πŸ”Ή Extra Skill Points
πŸ”Ή More Carry Weight


⭐ Be kind to one another
⭐ Do not use any third party programs or hacks
⭐ Exploit ANY glitches will get you banned
⭐ Do not abuse harass anyone
⭐ Don't force someone into your roleplay
⭐ We encourage and enjoy roleplay but it is not compulsory, if you wish to keep to yourself
and enjoy the game you can.

If you have any questions feel free to message me on discordΒ Sienna! #6268

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