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Blackwood beds and fast travel

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6 hours ago, boomervoncannon said:

*rolls eyes* 

Yes, clearly I’m the clueless one between us because what devs posting under dummy accounts do all the time is start threads criticizing not just their employer by name but the entire industry they work in. Check my posting history for the thread about No Man’s Sky if you really think I’m a dev.

Beyond that bit of off target conjecture, all I did was offer you an unpleasant probability by way of advice. The truth is we’re in the same boat when it comes to Blackwood because I tried it when it first launched, ran into the same issues you mentioned, and decided it was unlikely to get fixed quick so I shelved my Blackwood game for the time being. I’d love to be wrong and it gets fixed this week, I was just advising you that based on the factors I mentioned, that’s unlikely. It sucks but given that you’ve already left the game for completely justified reasons, I’d hate for you to waste your time thinking they might get fixed any day. They might, but if I were a betting man I wouldn’t put money on it.

But since you seem unhappy I will at least back it up with Boomer’s guarantee:

All predictions wrong or your money back.

 actually figured it out, and now am more ticked the dev that worked on it knew jack shit how to fix it but released it as a fix in .24

Ya i been in business for a long time, and id be hiring more people to make this game great again...


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On 7/30/2019 at 4:30 AM, Jatheish said:

This is something we're investigating at the moment.

ok so now we're writing 2020 are you still looking at it or??? we are 4 people that just bought atlas and rented a nitrado server with blackwood and none of us can see out bed after dead

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