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Now that Colonies had failed, now what?

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Yeah great ideas, lets get rid of all this claim owner bs and replace it with goverment claim owners, same thing by another name...

Because who wants free association in an MMO if we can just force it on everyone...?

Then we don't need alliances, because we call them factions... and because it is automatic we cannot just leave when we no longer like what our automatic alliance, errr faction i mean, does... 

And lets play PVP, because that is were all the cool kids are, but make it so that there is no PVP happening, only arena style... lets not fix PVP though, because now no one cares anymore...

Also it will be more social, because everyone will be sticking and stucking on the faction sectors just to be “save“... it will be like now when we play on PVE, only with 1/4 the space available...

Damn it, get yourself a single player or non dedi... where you can play as you like = without interaction, your own little save space... that is what they are there for, and leave us MMO guys “alone“...

You guys dont play this game, you do not know why it is broken and loosing people, because you avoid the content which is broken for the majority of players...

Has nothing to do with company sizes, which you only need one, or alliances which you need zero, or claims which you not use anyway as owner or settler...

But yeah, if only no one would be able to play together freely and be forced together with you, then you would no longer have the bad feeling that you are the only one missing out... because then everyone would be like you... missing out... of the MMO...

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